Evil has a fuzzy face..and we miss it terribly.

Today I held you in my arms as I said my final goodbyes.  If you were to have told me ten years ago, I’d be uncontrollably sobbing over the passing of a cat, I would have told you that you need to lay off the drugs.  (Or at least share them with others). 

This whole thing started with a phone call.  

“I’ll take him” 


I really didn’t want a cat..I didn’t want THIS cat.  As a kitten, Oscar was a psycho.   He earned the “double skull and cross bones” stickers by freaking out on the vet when he was a tiny little kitten.  

He earned the name Oscar for a reason.  He was grouchy as fuck.  He was evil.

Because of this, combined with a very loving three year old and a couple of kids just a bit older, Oscar would become agitated and in turn scratch and bite the kids.   This drew some ire and the decision was made to dispose of him.  I couldn’t stand to see yet another pet unjustly disposed of.

Oscar, I never wanted you, but I knew I needed to give you a home.  I never claimed you were my cat.  You belonged to a crazy eyed little blonde haired girl.   I merely was your servant.  Your  pillow.  Your arm to bite when you decided you needed to sink your teeth in someone.   Yes, you bit Sarah in the butt, and for as long as she lives, she will never ever forget you.   Even the lady who fed you says she misses you.   See, your evilness is even too much for the GingerBear.     

3723 days later, all I want is another day, another chance to give you scratches long enough to agitate you..which usually didn’t take long.  

We’ve been through a lot, you and I.  Not only did you survive one house move, you survived two.  You somehow managed to somehow put up with not only one kid, but a baby and *gasp* another cat.   I know you and Pedro never got along.  Heck, one night in a blissful fog,  it dawned on me how much the two of you hated each other.  LOL.   Oscar, while we were saying our goodbyes to you, Pedro was by our side the entire time.  When the vet lady came through the door, we expected you to see her medical bag and take off like she was a vacuum cleaner.  I think Pedro is going to miss you Oscar.  I really do.  

I know I miss you.  Countless times you were my confidant.  As you would lay on my chest, nestled between my boobs, I’d open up and tell you whatever was on my heart.    You’ve seen your share of things for which I am grateful you never acquired the ability to speak.    My secrets rest with you my friend.   Thank you for your trust.    Most importantly, thank you for sparing my life.  

As I watched you finally at rest, I know you are finally at peace. I am so sorry things had to end this way. We never truly knew you were sick. Never owning a cat before, some things were totally foreign to us. Beth had always called you ‘my cat-dog’, so I thought the uptick in your appetite, your blatant attempts to take the little girl’s food was all a part of your “doglike” persona. We trusted a vet who on more than one occasion missed the proper diagnosis. This is a guilt I will never let go, but nevertheless, you are free.

Farewell my evil soulmate.  The world is a little less evil without you in it, but in my heart, evil will always have fuzzy face.