Sounds of Saturday – 2023.02.04 – “Nanobots” – They Might Be Giants

Hi!  I forgot your name. 


My point is 

Damn you They Might Be Giants!

For a second time, I decided to play another TMBG album for an entire week.   I totally enjoyed last week’s selection.  

I picked TMBG’s 2013 album, “Nanobots”.    

When I selected this Album to be the next entry in my Sounds of Saturday Series I had instant regrets.  I had just done a TMBG giants album.   Even though I told my oldest I wanted to get to know more of TMBG’s catalog, but to do back to back, after totally digging “Join Us”?  There is only one logical answer.   I have lost my mind, but you knew that and we’ll talk about shortly.  

So what’s it’s like to l listen to one album every day for seven days?   

Let’s see…. Dear Diary: 

Day 1 – Why did I select this album?  it was almost like a case of ‘the eyes are bigger than the stomach’.  It was like I had set myself up for failure.  “Join us” was this massive piece of work.    I spend at least 24 hours trying to find a way to justify my choice.    

Day 2/3 – I put in the work. I listen.   John Linell has to be one of the most underrated songwriters in modern music.    Not only can he write a lyric, but the way he creates a song.   “Nanobots” – The bridge on this song is a master class in melodic form.  

Rearranging beds

Eating what’s available

In some hand me downs. 

Making do with leftovers

Bunking up, sharing comic books

Sitting three-deep on each other’s laps

In a van stacked up on other vans

Driving on a tidal wave where they…..

Day 4 –   It’s amazing how this album has grown on me.    Thanks to “Circular Karate Chop” I get to relive days of having the shit beat out me by bullies. 

Detention Hall, name on the wall and locker dent.  Never mind the withered words of encouragement.  Pulling off my anorak, dumping out my black backpack, take what you like, I’ll keep walking.

Day 5/6 – While in the car, or when the AirPods are in and typing out an email this album has been played.   Every time I was ready to write off a song, a repeated listen would reveal a lyric which make me laugh and strike me as ironic and fitting.  (Truestory, one of my Top Three is one of these songs).   This isn’t some bullshit production.    

Day 7 – I am singing random verses unprompted at 5am.   When the beat kicks in on “You’re on Fire”, Good lord that riff….   “Oh damn!  You must’ve got one of them combustible heads.  I read an article all about them.”  The chord progression plus the drums pushing it along.  I’m dancing around the room.   One song into the next, I am singing along.   I feel a connection to these songs.     

THREE CHORDS AND THE TRUTH (it’s the truth as far as I’m concerned)

1 – Lost My Mind:  While The Pixies asked “Where is my Mind?”, TMBG realizes it’s a waste to time to actually go and find their minds because it’s lost.   

With a glassy-eyed stare, knowing somewhere out there it walks the earth, separated at birth, Terrorizing villages with intelligent remarks.

2- Icky:  Such a fun song.    First name: Getting all up in your Last Name Face!!  Love it!! 

3 –   “Sometimes a Lonely Way” –   the one line really hits hard – 

 Not everyone you abandoned is still standing by.  Not everyone who is lost is wondering why

 Damn.   Makes you think.   


It may not be as good as “Join Us”, but this album is infectious and will not let you down.