Sounds of Saturday – 2023.01.28 – “Join Us” – They Might Be Giants

This is going to be a new thing so I ask you to be patient.

I’ve been a fan of They Might Be Giants(TMBG) since the 80s. It was on Al TV. It was the one and only time my parents would allow me to watch MTV. Weird Al would pretend to take over MTV and play only the videos he wanted. Mojo Nixon. Fishbone. Randee of the Redwoods and the whole reason for this article…

They Might Be Giants. (Nice transition eh? )

I’ve tasked myself with listening to one album a week. One album. Played over and over and over. For one week. That’s a lot of listening. My thoughts?

Total success! By focusing on one album a week you find the nuances of an album. Maybe it’s a lyric or maybe a brass riff which causes the senses to stir. You might even find yourself singing along when there is no music to be found.

So what about the album? Do we really want an album review or the fact I listened to this album?

Option A: album review.

Songs- “Never Knew Love” is quickly becoming my all time fave TMBG song. It’s well written and the melody is haunting. “When will you die?” – infectious and in today’s politically charged society you can sing this song with various members of the GOP in mind. “Spoiler Alert” – so stinking cool.

Hidden finds- The instrumentation. Wow. Strings. Low Reeds. Brass. Brass. Brass…oh yeah and an accordion.

One Sentence Sentence. A great and addictive listen.

Option B: I listened to this album. You’re welcome.