Maple Culpa

**What you are about to read is an apology.   Any attempt at humor is indeed an attempt at humor, but all within the confines of the understanding this is indeed an apology**

A couple weeks ago I caused a distrubance in what brings us together. 

The light.  The dark.  

No, I’m not talking about The Force, I am talking about Maple Syrup.  

What had happened kinda goes a little something like this……. 

A startup company producing Maple Syrup( and all sorts of maple yummies) had posted a promotion to win a small gift basket of maple related items.      Me being the smart ass that I am,  I shared the post with a remark joking about the size with the hashtag #amateurs.   


Not once did I take a step back and think if my words could have any other meaning.  I just laughed at my own stupidity and posted.   The thing is, my ignorance is not an excuse.  If I would have read the shared post properly I would have not made those remarks.   

But I didn’t.   I was making some dumb joke about buying Maple Syrup in gallon containers not even taking into account my shortsightedness. 

A couple weeks later, I came across that post and noticed my words had drawn some attention.  Someone from the company rightfully called me out and explained how hard it is for a startup company these days.   I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it is to do his job.   He had every right to call me out on his words, especially since they were perceived as being critical of his work.   

Others decided to jump in on the action.   Some called me mean.  I can see why they would say that.  I did come across that way.     

But then, my good friend Mr. Larkin decided all on his own to purposely misgender me and call me a dick.   Apparently this was an attempt to make a derogatory comment over the fact I am a transgender woman. 

*rolls eyes* 

Somehow  Sean decided to take it upon himself to impose a little social networking vigilante justice.    Sean wanted to think somehow I would crumble under the weight of his words.   Do they hurt?  You better fucking believe they do.  Just like the employee of this company who was hurt to read the words I had said about his company, the words used against me hurt just much.  Whereas one was a mistake the other was done with malice.    At this point in time, I can only feel sorry for Mr. Larkin and his limited view of the world around him. 

We are better than that.

With this childlike behavior behind us, I can’t stress enough how sorry I am for my words.  Not that this means anything, but if you ask the majority of anyone in my life, they’ll tell you how much Maple Syrup means to me….not just any Maple Syrup but Maple Syrup from Vermont.   

The folks who work tirelessly tapping the trees my grandfather once tapped get all of my respect and then some.    Maple means the world to me.    Maple reminds me of my home and most importantly my grandmother.  Thank you for helping to keep those memories alive.

Again, thank you and I hope you can find it in your heart to accept my apology.