Any Questions?

Tonight, I questioned.

I questioned everything.

I questioned whether all the stories we read in the Bible are true.

I was recently reading of an interesting take on the demon possessed man who was healed by Jesus and it led me to wonder.

What if stories we read in the Bible about Jesus weren’t true?  What if most of we what read was, not quite a fabrication, but an over exaggeration of a man who lived and did great things, but his legend was a tad inflated and over the thousands of years it has been a theological moving target, twisted to maintain a certain level of control over anyone who may believe.  (Damn.  that’s one big run on sentence..Down Grammar people!  Down!)

Why Jesus 2000 years ago, but why not now?    We’re all visual learners.  Why would he let all these people misuse his name to cause pain and suffering? Why would he tolerate someone sullying his street cred?  I’m sorry.  You talk shit about me, and after I’m done crying, I’ll get all passive aggressive up in the safest distance away where you couldn’t hurt me.   Could turn the other cheek truly means what he said?..but come on, son.  These people are insane!

I questioned it all.

As I stood frozen in my kitchen I thought to myself ‘what the heck did I just do?!?’

Have I become one of “Those People” who so flippantly said the Bible could not and is not true?  They’re good and wonderful people, but I have never been able to be at the place where they are when it comes to matters of the spiritual.  I didn’t think it was ever possible.

But I did.

As I foraged for a snack,  the word “faith” came to mind.  This is why we have faith.  Faith is one of the big three.  Hope (which I’ll be sharing about very soon), Love (eeew, twitterpaited) and good ole Faith.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen – Hebrews 11:1

I have the faith these stories I read of Jesus in the Bible are true.   I also still have my doubts and concerns.  No longer taking it for granted, I will do as it says. ‘Study to show thyself approved’.   I’m not saying no.  I will say yes, because of faith, but don’t firmly plant yourself up my backside, if I don’t do things the way you do.

Call me a skeptic.  Call me a heretic.  My actions have nothing to do with you.  Please mind your log.  It’s poking me in the face.

“Guilty” – Daniel Amos

Well I’m in a mess
What can I do?
Yeah, I’ve second-guessed
So have you
But I’ve been all wrong baby
Ad nauseam baby
I’m gonna break the circuit
Put aside all my disguises
Don’t run away screaming out
Or worse, start laughing now that I’m


Guilty (take me back)
Guilty (take me back)
Guilty (take me back)
Take me back now
That’s all I ask now
Take me back ’cause I’m guilty

Couldn’t face the wrong
In myself
So I condemned
Somebody else
You were in reach baby
I’ve been impeached baby
I’ll plead for your acceptance
So I can walk the straight line again
What a big grim process this is
But I can’t hide any longer cause I’m


Absolve me from the wrong I’ve done
Lay your hands on me and I will overcome
Heal me now
And seal me now
In your gracious love
Your fathomless love
’cause I’m

Guilty, Guilty

Well I’m on my knees again
And I got my heart in hand
Girl I pray you understand
I’m a tired and broken man

Guilty, Guilty

I’ll make it simple as I can
To say exactly what I am
I’m guilty baby, I’m guilty baby
I’m guilty, guilty, guilty
Guilty, Guilty

I’m not the man I used to be
And it’s so easy girl to see
I caused you misery
So let the judgment fall on me
And I’ll tell you honestly
For the record here’s my plea
I’m guilty baby, I’m guilty baby
I’m guilty, guilty, guilty…