Who is Dana?

I’m Dana.  I’m a 50yr old woman trying to make her way through this world without knocking anything over.

I’m a spouse, a parent, a musician, a photographer, and a lover of really tedious music.  I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I am passionate and loyal.  I like long walks on the beach and romantic candlelit dinners (just making sure you were still paying attention).

I’m a recovering Evangelical.

I grew up in the church….The Salvation Army.  (yes, it’s a church.  Let’s not go down that road).    I am the child of two pastors.  The church was my life.  There was nothing else.   You lived the church life and were expected to follow in the footsteps and “hear the calling of ministry”.

I left the church in early 2016.  It was an step of faith on our part, but a decision that was sorely needed.  When you have outgrown Evangelicalism, it is a freeing and liberating feeling.

Today,  I strive to live a life that is authentic.   By no means am I perfect.   I just continue.

I no longer consider myself a Christian.  Faith is still a matter of importance in my life.  Faith still compels me to dig deeper beyond the veneer of this world.      Do I have all the answers, no.  I never will.  Thats why it is called faith.

This page is an outpouring of myself.  My words, my vision, my heart.


If you’re asking Why start a blog?

Why not.

It did get your attention.  And now that I have your attention….